We Are a PSI Authorized
Testing Center

AMS Flight School has PSI computerized testing services. You can count on us for all of your testing needs.  All FAA Exams are offered as well as numerous professional and occupational test are given at our facility.  If you would like to schedule an exam, please contact us and our professional staff will assist you!

Professional Testing Services:

• All FAA Exams including Inspector Authorization (IA)
• National Academy of Sports Medicine
• United States Postal Service
• Federal Communications Commission
• And more


You can come to AMS for all of your testing needs. We provide full FAA testing at our facility, including Inspector Authorization (IA).  Feel free to call and talk to our knowledgeable staff to find out testing time availability and pricing.

AMS prides itself on offering a variety of services to the aircraft industry. If you’re looking for maintenance and repairs, lessons, or need testing services, we do it all.

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