Acceleration Programs

Career Pilot Program Training Costs

 • From zero time to CFI in 8 months $49,900

Guaranteed Flight Instructor Position
upon successful completion of the program

Private to CFI Program Training Costs

 • From Private Pilot to CFI in 5 months - $39,900

Piper Apache

What a pleasant evening overlooking the Piper Apache.

We’ve been in business training military and civilian pilots since 1993. We will have a housing option available soon for both students and instructors

Guaranteed Flight instructor position

Upon successful completion of the Pedestrian to Pilot Program or Private to CFI Program you will have an opportunity to work with AMS Aviation as a Flight Instructor teaching the next generation in Aviation.

Our Flight Instructors can average 700 hours in a year.

Pedestrian to Pilot

All your training for one cost

( Cost do not include check-ride fees approx. $2,150 )

Private Pilot  (3 mo)

  - 47 Hours
  - 15 Pre/post briefing

Instrument  ( 1 Mo)

  -40 Hours
  - 10.5 Pre/Post Briefing

Commercial ASEL (2 Mo)

  -121.5 hours
  - 11 Pre/Post Briefing

Commercial Multi Engine Addon (2 wks)

  -17.5 Hours
  -7 Pre/Post Briefing

Certified Flight Instructor (1 Mo)

  -26.5 Hours
  - 15 Pre/Post Briefing

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